When it comes to software development many companies, startups and entrepreneurs faced up with a choice: work with an agency or freelancers. I have been working as a freelancer and as an agency manager, I know differences in workflow. Also, I have managed many web development projects with freelancers and agencies. Summing up my experience, I want to highlight key points while working with both.


Hiring an independent freelance developer is cheaper than working with an agency because the cost doesn’t include expenses for rent, sales, project management, and social package. If you don`t expect your project to be profitable, it is better to work with a freelancer.


Agencies have talented teams to help deliver results for clients. If there is an issue, an agency has a large team who can work together to solve the issue. Also, testing is more efficient if it is done by a team than by independent developer. If you need high-quality products it is better to work with an agency.


Freelancers might become unwell, go on holiday or have an emergency. This can stop them from continuing the project you’ve hired them for. Agency won`t stop the workflow because other team members can replace a person who can`t continue work. Also, you might build a long-term work relationship with a good agency. This will help secure more future projects.

To sum up, if you are going to start your next project, consider that low price of working with a freelancer can head to additional cost for redevelopment bad-codded projects. I had a lot of clients asking to fix projects, developed by not professional freelance developers. Sometimes there was only one option for our agency — rewrite all project from the mockup. If the quality of your web application will affect your revenue and you want to continue project development for a long-term, it is better to choose agency than a freelancer.

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